2017 Car Lease Deals With Hyundai Vehicles

Car Lease Deals at Hyundai Motor City in Colorado Springs

Car Lease Deals at Hyundai Motor City

There is a great appeal to owning your own vehicle, having it long term, and watching it slowly die which then prompts you to buy a new car. We like to get the most bang for our buck so we think buying the car is the best option. We think that by buying a car we are getting the best deal, and in some cases, we are. However, we don’t think about the many other downsides to buying a car. For example, after you buy a car, you are also paying for any issues that you will experience in the future.

Did you break a timing belt? Did your motor mount drop? Do you have to replace your transmission? All of those replacements are on you and that is precious money out of your own pocket. But imagine driving a car and not having to worry about any of these things or any car issues for that matter!

If you’re thinking of buying a car, consider an alternative option like leasing a car. Car lease deals are worth considering this time of year, especially if you are absolutely dying to drive one of the 2017 Hyundai models.

There are some benefits to leasing a car over buying a car, and one of them, which we have mentioned above, is not having to worry about paying hundreds for mechanical issues. If you are attached to a car lease deal, you get the benefit of taking your vehicle into the dealer to get the issue fixed, at little or no expense because you are under the factory warranty! If you buy a car, the issues you have are all your own and no one can save you.

Another added benefit of leasing a vehicle means lower monthly payments. When signing a lease, you will make a small down payment (or is some cases you won’t) and then lower monthly payments than the payments you would make to finance. Wouldn’t it be nice to pay $250 a month for leasing your car instead of $450 a month? Not to mention all the other fees you’ll pay for maintenance. Are you convinced yet? We’ll keep going.

If you aren’t a big fan of trading in a car, again, consider car lease deals. The process of trading in a car when the time has come to buy new is time-consuming and frustrating even. You have to go through the process of trading in the car, fighting about what it’s worth, and then getting little money to put towards a new car.

With car leasing, you can lease a car for a few years, give it back to the dealer, pay a few fees (if you have to), and the move on to your next vehicle! You have absolutely no long-term commitment to this car, so don’t get too attached. If you’re a fan of letting go, car lease deals are the best for you.

Another added benefit of leasing is, you don’t have to worry about sales tax. Colorado’s sales tax is incredibly high, anywhere from 2.9% up to 11.2% in some municipalities. Whoa!

Why waste your money there? Think of all the glorious trips and vacations you can take with the sales tax money you are saving. If you lease a car, you will never have to worry about sales tax on your vehicle, and if you plan on leasing multiple cars through your lifetime you won’t have to EVER worry about it.

Leasing a car is perfect for people who are doing in-city commutes. Leasing a car is not ideal for those who are thinking about doing long trips because most car lease deals limit you to at least 10,000 miles per year.

If you are looking for a good, fuel efficient vehicle to get you to work and to the grocery store, this is the best choice for you. Save your other vehicles for those big trips and invest in Hyundai’s car leasing opportunities!

If any of this at all sounds good to you, start weighing out your options, and take a survey to see if buying a car or leasing a car is the best option for you.

If leasing a car is in your favor, you live in town, you don’t do long trips, you like small payments, and no commitments, visit Phil Long Hyundai at Motor City in Colorado Springs to see more of our car lease deals.





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