Fuel Efficiency in the 2017 Hyundai Elantra

The motto “we only have one planet we must preserve it” is one that touches all areas of our lives. Auto manufacturers have definitely felt increased pressure from environmental groups, scientists, and concerned citizens since the early 1990s to change any and all practices to minimize environmental damage. Better fuel efficiency, better aerodynamics to increase that fuel efficiency, even producing hybrid cars that use electricity are just some of the improvements made by automobile producers not only to help the environment
but to compete with each other for those environmentally conscious customers.

Frankly, access to transportation is essential all over the world: nothing can happen without it, whether that transport takes the form of buses, trains, airplanes or cars. In 2015 the United States consumed 7.08 billion barrels of petroleum, although not all of this petrol was used for consumer construction. (For example, crude oil is used to produce plastic). That is a lot of oil usage just in the United States, not factoring in the amount of petroleum used by other countries with denser populations like China or India. The more transportation needs crude oil, the higher environmental impact we create.

To adapt to protecting the environment, the Hyundai Motor Company is committed to producing advanced improvements in its vehicles, especially in newer models. The company has made tremendous strides in producing cars that are better fuel efficient, such as the 2017 Hyundai Elantra, available in the trim levels SE, Value, Eco, Sport, and Limited.

One major improvement towards better fuel economy is the drag coefficient.

The Drag Coefficient

The Cd or drag coefficient is a factor not well understood except by the most extreme fuel efficiency shopper. Most car buyers don’t even know what it is. It is mathematically complicated and almost impossible to explain to all but math-minded people, but the information you really need to know is that having a better Cd improves aerodynamics. Better aerodynamics, in turn, improves fuel economy.

Different types of cars and trucks will have variable drag coefficients. Hyundai is continually improving the factors that affect the Cd, from the overall car shape to the engine.

Fuel Efficiency in the 2017 Hyundai Elantra

The 2017 Hyundai Elantra has a drag coefficient of 0.27. Major competitors, including the Toyota Corolla, Nissan Leaf EV, and Ford Focus all have Cds of 0.28 or higher. For those considering the 2017 Elantra as your new vehicle, the Toyota Prius has a Cd of 0.26 but the Elantra is priced starting at only $17,000 for the SE. The standard Prius starts at $27,000.

Hyundai’s improvements to the drag coefficient as well as other factors have produced the Elantra Eco, a new addition to the 2017 Elantra line. The fuel capacity for city/highway/combined is 32/40/35, the best EME (EPA Mileage Estimates) of any of the other trim levels. A Car and Driver review positively evaluated the fuel economy on the Elantra Eco, and for two uses they were able to get higher than 40 (43 and 42 respectively). This is definitely a positive step in the right direction for Hyundai’s developments for better fuel efficiency.

Phil Long Hyundai of Motor City has the 2017 Hyundai Elantra Eco that you are looking for, so give us a call today!


Used Hyundai Cars in Colorado Springs

Used Hyundai Colorado Springs Cars at Phil Long Hyundai

Used Hyundai Colorado Springs Cars at Phil Long Hyundai

Hey, Colorado Natives! It’s that time of year, the time we have all been waiting for. We’ve all been sitting back and waiting for the new models of Hyundai to come out so the world can make way for some sweet used Hyundai from your Colorado Springs dealer. As summer advances towards us, so does your need to buy a newer car.

We know you are out there searching for your next used Hyundai vehicle. We know you are searching the world-wide-web looking for the best deals, the most reliable dealerships, and the most affordable prices. We know you are looking for fairly newer models and the digital tech galore. Times are changing and many of us don’t feel like driving clunkers anymore.

People want the chic and smooth feel of their ride, the tech that opens doors to you with a touch of a button, a sound system that rocks the car next to you, and heated steering wheels for those cold winter months. Save money on winter gloves! We know your dream and we are prepared to give it to you when you are ready.

Finding a used Hyundai vehicle isn’t a difficult task if you know where to look and you know what to look for. There are websites out there with inventory waiting to browsed, hundreds of vehicles waiting for the perfect driveway to sit in.

You could buy your used Hyundai in Colorado Springs from a private dealer, but there are drawbacks to that. Sure, the price may be considerably lower, but you have no proof of the vehicle’s history and the dealer may mislead you into thinking this car is in perfect shape.

Don’t take the risk here! Spend the few extra thousand you would’ve paid to fix that damaged car you purchased from a con artist and put it towards a used Hyundai car that has been legitimately certified pre-owned or inspected by someone who knows cars.

Phil Long Hyundai of Motor City in Colorado Springs has 60 used Hyundai cars in their inventory. With a selection like that, you are sure to find a car that you love. They have crossovers, SUVs, trucks, cars, commercial vehicles, wagons, and even vans!

Choose from models like the Veloster, Sonata, Genesis, Elantra, Santa Fe, Tuscon, Accent and more! These models can be as new as 2017 models and as old as 2004! Prices start at $4,999.

Don’t waste time buying a new vehicle and suffering the cost of depreciation, avoid those pesky private dealers, and feel confident about your next vehicle purchase. Right now, Hyundai of Motor City also offers a line of used cars under $10,000! Their inventory holds 125 different used Hyundai and other vehicles. We want you to save money, so we are going to give you the deals you deserve.

Enjoy your 2017 year with a newer used Hyundai in Colorado Springs. Phil Long Hyundai at Motor City in Colorado Springs is ready to find the car for you and at your desired low price.

Don’t waste another moment and call or visit today!



2017 Car Lease Deals With Hyundai Vehicles

Car Lease Deals at Hyundai Motor City in Colorado Springs

Car Lease Deals at Hyundai Motor City

There is a great appeal to owning your own vehicle, having it long term, and watching it slowly die which then prompts you to buy a new car. We like to get the most bang for our buck so we think buying the car is the best option. We think that by buying a car we are getting the best deal, and in some cases, we are. However, we don’t think about the many other downsides to buying a car. For example, after you buy a car, you are also paying for any issues that you will experience in the future.

Did you break a timing belt? Did your motor mount drop? Do you have to replace your transmission? All of those replacements are on you and that is precious money out of your own pocket. But imagine driving a car and not having to worry about any of these things or any car issues for that matter!

If you’re thinking of buying a car, consider an alternative option like leasing a car. Car lease deals are worth considering this time of year, especially if you are absolutely dying to drive one of the 2017 Hyundai models.

There are some benefits to leasing a car over buying a car, and one of them, which we have mentioned above, is not having to worry about paying hundreds for mechanical issues. If you are attached to a car lease deal, you get the benefit of taking your vehicle into the dealer to get the issue fixed, at little or no expense because you are under the factory warranty! If you buy a car, the issues you have are all your own and no one can save you.

Another added benefit of leasing a vehicle means lower monthly payments. When signing a lease, you will make a small down payment (or is some cases you won’t) and then lower monthly payments than the payments you would make to finance. Wouldn’t it be nice to pay $250 a month for leasing your car instead of $450 a month? Not to mention all the other fees you’ll pay for maintenance. Are you convinced yet? We’ll keep going.

If you aren’t a big fan of trading in a car, again, consider car lease deals. The process of trading in a car when the time has come to buy new is time-consuming and frustrating even. You have to go through the process of trading in the car, fighting about what it’s worth, and then getting little money to put towards a new car.

With car leasing, you can lease a car for a few years, give it back to the dealer, pay a few fees (if you have to), and the move on to your next vehicle! You have absolutely no long-term commitment to this car, so don’t get too attached. If you’re a fan of letting go, car lease deals are the best for you.

Another added benefit of leasing is, you don’t have to worry about sales tax. Colorado’s sales tax is incredibly high, anywhere from 2.9% up to 11.2% in some municipalities. Whoa!

Why waste your money there? Think of all the glorious trips and vacations you can take with the sales tax money you are saving. If you lease a car, you will never have to worry about sales tax on your vehicle, and if you plan on leasing multiple cars through your lifetime you won’t have to EVER worry about it.

Leasing a car is perfect for people who are doing in-city commutes. Leasing a car is not ideal for those who are thinking about doing long trips because most car lease deals limit you to at least 10,000 miles per year.

If you are looking for a good, fuel efficient vehicle to get you to work and to the grocery store, this is the best choice for you. Save your other vehicles for those big trips and invest in Hyundai’s car leasing opportunities!

If any of this at all sounds good to you, start weighing out your options, and take a survey to see if buying a car or leasing a car is the best option for you.

If leasing a car is in your favor, you live in town, you don’t do long trips, you like small payments, and no commitments, visit Phil Long Hyundai at Motor City in Colorado Springs to see more of our car lease deals.




Turn Your Hyundai SUV into a Camper

There is a trend spreading across the nation, one that speaks to the wanderers of the road. Perhaps it is something you have Turn your Hyundai SUV into a Camper!even considered yourself, but you’re afraid to do it or don’t know how.

Yes, people across the nation are taking their life on the road and creating tiny homes within their vehicles. But not just any vehicle. Many are choosing large vans, trucks, and SUVs as their little homes. And we’re here to tell you, that the 2017 Hyundai Tucson is the perfect vehicle among many to build your tiny and temporary home for the road. We will tell you how to make the most of your SUV and include some spontaneity in your life.

Your back seat is your own cozy nook, your driver’s seat is the helm, and you can choose whoever is your copilot, whether it be a significant other or a best friend.

So how can you convert that 2017 Hyundai Tucson into the perfect mini camper for you and your bestie especially in these winter months? We’re going to give you a few tips to help you get started on an exciting adventure. Of course, you certainly don’t have to do this long-term although people have decided to and loved it.

  1. Make sure you have a vehicle with seats that lie flat or seats that can be removed Nothing it more uncomfortable than trying to find your comfy spot in a back seat full of bumps.
  2. Elevate your bed to include storage space. There are some smart people out there creating storage space underneath their bed space by building a bed stand. This frees up a little space underneath so you can store clothes, food items, extra blankets and anything else you need. If you don’t have the extra space underneath, invest in a Thule to save some space in your sleeping area.
  3. Don’t skimp on comfort. Choose a mattress that is durable and comfortable, nothing inflatable. If you want to get a good night’s sleep, better choose the comfier bed.
  4. Insulate your windows to keep the cold out and the heat in. This can even be used during the summer months to keep your vehicle nice and cool. The other added benefit of insulating your vehicle is that your windows will be covered to keep the peepers out.
  5. As for showering? That’s what gyms are for! Humans can get gross so it’s important to keep good hygiene, especially in small living spaces. Become a member of a gym you can visit anywhere in the US. Most of them allow you into the gym if you are a member in another city or state. The YMCA is one of them and allows you to use their showers for a small fee.
  6. Make sure you have a few different backups and alternatives for charging your devices. Try not to use up your car battery. You may want to try something similar to a solar powered charger, something you can charge during the day and use at night.
  7. Park in places that wouldn’t cause you to draw attention, or simply pick a campground. Rest Areas are great places. You wouldn’t want to get in trouble for where you park during your little adventure.
  8. Do more research! There are hundreds of people out there who have made this their lifestyle and are professionals at it.

For the most trusted vehicles on the road, equipped for any adventure you can desire, choose Hyundai at Motor City. We have a variety of vehicles in our online inventory that are perfect for any adventure you desire and at affordable prices! Are you a fellow tiny homes traveler? Leave your comments and suggestions below!

Winter Driving Tips

Frost is on pumpkins, football is on television, and you can see your breath in the mornings. Before you know it, the snow will be falling. Are you ready? Is your car? Don’t get caught unprepared. There are several steps you can take to get your car ready for those icy, snowy roads.

colorado winter driving tips

  • Check your wiper blades. You should be changing them out at least twice a year, or more often if needed. It’s a simple fix that can really improve your visibility. There are windshield wiper fluids available with de-icers and rain repellants that may help.
  • Check all your car’s fluid levels every time your oil is changed. Many fluids break down over time, and need to be replaced periodically. Consult your owner’s manual for more information.
  • Your tires will get the best traction if they are properly inflated, recently rotated, and still have decent tread. If you swap out for winter tires, it’s easier on your driving stress level if you take care of that before it’s needed.
  • When was your last alignment? If you can’t remember, you’re probably due. Our potholes mean you will need alignment more often, and it’s the best way to extend the life of your tires.
  • Check your battery, belts, and hoses for wear, and replace as needed. If you are following your manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule, this will already be happening, and it’s a lot safer to replace these before they fail. Hose and belt failure is the leading cause of disabled vehicles, so stay safe and stay on the road by performing this maintenance task.
  • Restock your car’s emergency kit. While roadside help is typically a phone call away, what happens if you are in an area with spotty coverage, or have forgotten your phone? You can purchase a kit or make your own. At a minimum, have replacement fluids such as windshield wiper fluid and coolant, paper towels or wipes, a flashlight, and ice and snow removal tools. You should also include blankets, water, and shelf stable emergency food, such as jerky, dried fruit, protein bars, or granola bars. If you drive a lot on remote roads, consider adding MREs, a folding shovel, and sleeping bags. If you do get stuck and digging yourself out isn’t working, try using your car’s floor mats for traction.
  • Finally, take a look at how you drive, as simple changes like allowing an adequate braking distance can keep you and everyone else on the road safer. Give snow plows and maintenance vehicles plenty of room, and drive cautiously and courteously.

You can do the maintenance listed above yourself, or you can contact us here at Phil Long Hyundai of Motor City Service Center and we’d be happy to take care of it for you. No matter what you’re driving, we can get you ready for our next Colorado winter. Contact us and schedule your appointment today.

Take A Road Trip in Your Hyundai!

As we roll into the first few days of May, we’re all aware summer is right around the corner, even though Colorado likes to keep us in check with rouge snowstorms!

Phil Long Hyundai Road Trip Colorado Springs

Go on an adventure in your Hyundai!

Summer time means road trips with the windows rolled down, the convertible top open, sunglasses and tank tops! It’s a blast to get your friends together and go on a road trip, whether you are able to get away for an entire week, a weekend or even just a day trip, road trips are a staple of summer time. Colorado offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States, and some great roads winding through the Rocky Mountains!

Piling everyone into your car with snacks and good music is a great way to enjoy the Rocky Mountains, from up North in Fort Collins, to towns like Estes Park where Steven King got the inspiration for The Shining, to down South in Pueblo with the River Walk along the Arkansas River. If you have a longer time frame to get away, the town of Blackhawk, Colorado has legal gambling and is a great get away for all.

The Top of the Rockies is a 115 mile drive that crosses three mountain passes, drops through four watersheds, has views of Colorado’s tallest peaks and even the headwaters of the Arkansas River. The Peak to Peak highway is only half the distance at 55 miles, and is one of Colorado’s most scenic drives. It stretches between Nederland and Estes park, taking you and your crew past the majestic mountains mentioned in “America the Beautiful,” including Longs Peak which towers at 14,255 feet, through open meadows and past small towns along the way such as Ward and Peaceful Valley.

The best way to experience these great roads in Colorado is to get out there with your friends and road trip! Make a plan for an upcoming weekend, with the weather warming up we should be clear of any surprise snowstorms. Take some great photos and share with us, we would love to see you out enjoying your Hyundai!

Oil Change in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Oil Change Hyunda Motor City Colorado Springs

The most common maintenance item on your vehicle, whether it is a car, truck, SUV, van or other, is changing the engine oil and oil filter. This involves draining out the old oil from under your car by removing the drain plug in the oil pan, putting the plug back in, taking off the old filter and replacing it with a new one and then refilling the vehicle’s oil reservoir. Doing this at the suggested interval is the easiest step you can take to getting the most life out of your vehicle’s engine.

Phil Long Hyundai of Motor City in Colorado Springs has factory trained technicians, state of the art equipment and both oil and filters to change the oil on all vehicle makes and models.

The lifetime of your vehicle’s oil is dependent on the type of oil put in your vehicle, how you drive, the age of the vehicle, the environment in which you drive and what type of driving you do. Your safest bet is to follow your vehicle’s owner manual, it will tell you the manufacturers suggest oil change interval. This typically ranges from every 3,000 miles even up to every 10,000 miles.

Oil changes are necessary because the lubricating properties of the oil do not last forever. As you drive and the oil cycles through the engine at extremely high temperatures, the oil undergoes thermal breakdown and loses its ability to lubricate your engine properly. When this happens, components inside of your engine rub together and get worn out, and as you may have guessed, these components are not cheap to buy and not cheap to replace. The engine oil is also able to absorb water, dust and combustion byproducts, to a certain point. Like a soaked sponge, once the oil has too much of these products within it, it stops being able to hold more and the debris is loose inside of your engine.

If you happen to go without changing your oil, your engine will not last as long as it should nor could. As stated above, the components will wear out and the engine will become unusable. An oil change is a cheap insurance policy to keep your engine running at its best.

We do numerous oil changes every day, and while they are a relatively easy task to do, you do not want to skimp and go for the cheapest oil change possible. It is all too common that a simple oil change gone-wrong can cripple your vehicle and leave you in need of a brand new engine in total. Our technicians have the training and know-how, plus the assistance of software with information of all vehicle makes and models, to ensure that the job is done correctly and your vehicle has the proper filter, oil type and amount of oil.

Call our service department and schedule your oil change today. We can change your vehicle’s oil while you wait in our waiting area and get you back on the road same day, all at a great price!